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Selling your home can be exciting, but it also takes a lot of work. From preparing your home for the market to staging for an open house, turning your listing into a closing takes more than a sign in the yard or a pretty flyer at the local coffee shop. Work with a trusted HOME Real Estate Agent and you'll receive top-notch service in addition to powerful and effective offline and online marketing.

It's a team effort: We bring qualified buyers, top-of-the-line technology, marketing and negotiation experience to the table for you.

Why HOME Real Estate?

Don't let the lure of "flexible commissions" be your siren song. Often that "agent speak" is just code for "we make the agent pay for extra marketing" or "we'll price your home low so someone else sells it quickly." That's no way to maximize your equity and it certainly doesn't set a standard of service.

At HOME Real Estate, we provide every agent and every listing the same great marketing tools - at no extra cost to you or your agent. And if your HOME agent's marketing plan includes even more -- rest assured you are getting the best value and the most service available.

Some companies may tell you that splatter marketing (putting your listing everywhere) is the best thing since sliced bread. But that is not the truth of the matter. It is probably just the best sales pitch they have. Here's why:

  1. Search engines. Finding 30 different versions of your listing on the web is not going make it sell 30 times faster. Especially if those different copies of your listing have snow pictures in the summer, the wrong listing price and maybe even the wrong agent, or if your listing expired and you re-listed. Putting your listing in a few, targeted locations, where local traffic and others can find it is the better way.
  2. Data accuracy. If you go to any third-party aggregation site right now, you will find properties for sale that may have been sold years ago. We bet your buyer will also appreciate not having their new house show up online as "for sale" far into the future. 
  3. Strategy. We've looked at the market data and we know how to reach buyers most effectively. In fact, we've got people who think about that all day long. And it shows. HOME Real Estate's listings are front and center in "all the right places," including -- the area's leading local real estate website, two top Nebraska brokerage websites, and Zillow and the top two national websites for our area.

At HOME we let everyone do what they do best - administrative staff add and revise listings and keep the paperwork straight, our marketing coordinators help with fliers, postcards and marketing emails, and our agents work to find the right buyer for your property, using our peer network of buyer agents, open houses and other buyer lead sources.

We believe your agent should focus on getting the property sold, not on all the other details required to make the transaction a smooth one. Contact an agent now to find out what we can do for you.