Home Is… What Home Means and Changes for Wellness

People often say… home is where I lay my head. For many of us our homes have become quite different this year. Whether you own a ranch style, bungalow or a downtown condo our homes have become our work, school, gym, restaurant and even our vacation spot. Through trial and error some homeowners have found solutions on how to transform their homes into a one stop shop, right under their own roof.

Now more than ever and with the time change, it is important to have your bedroom be the perfect place to lay your head. Sleep is critical to physical health and effective functioning of the immune system. It is also a key promoter of emotional wellness and mental health. Here are a few tips from homeowners who have benefited from sprucing up their bedrooms.

  • Remove one piece of furniture, a room overcrowded with furniture and accessories can feel cluttered. Or at least consider the size of your furniture.
  • Change the layout of your bedroom. Simply moving the furniture around brings about a new space to enjoy.
  • Create one focal point. Instead of trying to cram too many ideas into one room, think carefully about one main feature you would like to create in the space.
  • Make your bed, walking into a room after a long day with a perfectly set bed can be a nice sight to see.
  • Find the light. Add a mirror to the wall adjacent to or across from a window in the room.
  • This will immediately add more light to the room as the mirror will bounce the natural light around, softening shadows that may have darkened the room before.
  • Have you been thinking about upgrading your bed including sheets, pillows or mattress? Now is the time to consider doing so. Adding a frame to your bed or buying new bedding is an easy update!

If you are feeling really inspired, painting the walls can also really change the room. Consider how much light your room gets when selecting a wall color. If your room is north-facing, the light that enters will be softer and will produce a warmer effect—darker hues will be darker-looking and light colors will be a touch more subdued. If the room you’re painting has a southern exposure, it will receive the most intense light. Darker colors will be somewhat brightened and light colors (especially white) have the potential to leave the room washed out. In the evening, a room on the west side of your home will have warmth from the orange colors added and can leave rooms that are orange, red, or yellow saturated. Eastern exposure adds a bit of green to your room’s walls. You can brighten this room up with soft yellows.

  • Reserve your bed for sleeping only. It is important to have the association in your mind between bed and sleep. This means no laptops, phones or TV in bed.
  • Get rid of clutter. This will help you to be more relaxed without all those clothes and books laying around. Keep a basket to throw toys and other items into to keep your space tidy.
  • Open the curtains during the day. This will bring in the light and feel more refreshing.

So, after you have worked, schooled, exercised and dined in your home you will have a comfortable and inviting bedroom to lay your head. Start with making your bed every day!


9 Tips for New Homeowners

You’ve submitted your offer, completed an inspection, gone through the closing process, and it’s finally over – you’re a homeowner!
Buying a home is an exciting new chapter, but, as many soon realize, purchasing the house is only the beginning. From unpacking those first boxes to tackling home improvements projects, here’s our advice for surviving the first few months of homeownership.

1. Unpack strategically

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to handle everything at once. First, focus on unpacking boxes. Start with the essential items to keep your home running in the short-term. Next, unpack the kitchen, followed by bedrooms and bathrooms. Now you’re ready to arrange furniture. The last spaces to unpack and organize are the garage, attic, basement and other utility rooms.

2. Be neighborly

It’s always a good idea to get to know your neighbors. Not only does it help you get adjusted to the new area, you never know when you’ll need someone to check the mail or water plants. And, hey, you may even make some new friends! If you’re looking for conversation starters, ask for some tips about your new part of town. See which restaurants have good takeout or if there are any parks or walking trails nearby. People love to offer advice.

3. Make a home improvement journal

Painting rooms, installing carpet, replacing fixtures – you’ll start to notice things around your new home that you’d like to change. Instead of tackling those projects immediately, every time you see a potential new task or project, add it to a home improvement journal. Then, after you’ve lived in the house for a few months, take a look at your list and decide which projects should take priority. This is a great way to get to know what you want out of your home – and stay within budget.

4. Be budget conscious

A majority of homeowners say that they spent more money than expected in the first year of homeownership. Between new furnishings, home maintenance, and updates, the costs can add up quickly. One way to alleviate some of the financial pressures of homeownership is to have a home warranty. Fixing one or two major appliances or an air conditioning system can result in high unexpected costs. But with your home warranty plan, it’s as easy as paying your Trade Service Call Fee.

5. Get to know your home warranty

When the air conditioner stops working or the washing machine makes a weird whirring noise, it’s time to reach out to your home warranty provider. Review the specifics of your American Home Shield plan in MyAccount to make sure your major appliances and systems are covered. If you need to upgrade your plan, call 800.735.4663 and provide the plan number. You can make adjustments up to 60 days from your contact start date.

6. Get outdoorsy

While the inside of the home gets a lot of attention, especially during the first few months, don’t forget about your yard. Do you want to handle the weed-pulling, leaf blowing and mowing yourself? If so, make sure you have the right equipment. A push mower may be fine for smaller lots, but it may be easier to use a riding mower on larger pieces of land. You’ll also need (at least) a leaf blower, string trimmer, edger, rake, gardening tools and a hose. If outside maintenance isn’t your thing, consider making room in your budget for a lawn care service.

7. Reassess your insurance needs

Fires, natural disasters, break-ins – unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen, and it’s important that your home has financial protection. That’s where home insurance comes in. While your home warranty covers breakdowns for components of your major home appliances and systems, a home insurance policy covers damage to your property. Review your current policy details and make sure you’re financially protected in case of emergency. For certain climates and geographical areas, you may need to add flood, hurricane or earthquake insurance.

8. Try DIY. And know when not to

It’s tempting to try to handle home improvement projects yourself. The main thing to keep in mind, though, is figuring out if you have the right tools, talent and time for the task. If you’re missing one of those three things, it’s best to leave the job to a professional. There are lots of simple things you can do that don’t require special skills, like organizing a closet, painting, changing cabinet pulls and planting flowers.

9. Make your house a home

It’s normal to want your house to look perfect, but what matters more is creating a space that meets your needs, fits your lifestyle, and makes you happy. Focus on what you want out of your home, not what others want to see. You’ll enjoy a lifetime of making memories!


Thankful | Consider These Things To Be Thankful For

Fall is the time when folks are asked “what are you truly thankful for?”

We are living in unprecedented times. People’s attitudes are more reserved this year with all the changes that we have faced during 2020. Have you taken the time to reflect on what it is that you are thankful for? The most common response is health or family.

Did you answer health or family to the question of thankfulness? Take the time to reflect and you may consider the following things that you also may be thankful for.

LAUGHTER… spreading joy to others with a happy and playful giggle.

OUR HOMES… without them we may have never known how wonderful indoor plumbing is, ha. And of course, they are our safe space!

READING… pick up a new book or reach out to other readers for recommendations (they may even let you borrow their books).

SUNSETS… take the time to enjoy the beauty especially in Nebraska!

EDUCATION… the potential is endless, enroll in a class you have always wanted to take! You may find a new hobby or learn a new skill.

TIME… do not take it for granted, make time for family and friends, stay active and set a sleeping schedule to aid a positive mind and well-rested body.

Harvard Medical school conducted a study at Pennsylvania University that scientifically proved that gratifying words inspire our minds to do better and think positively. Helping us to remain very humble and thankful for what we do have. This means with your positive attitude you also have the power to make someone else’s day, kindness goes far! I know many of you rock the Nebraska Nice.

We have many things to be thankful for. Try out this fun idea to help you and your family focus on the good in life that we can be grateful for! Make memories with your family. Everyone picks a few things that make them feel thankful! Write them down and place them in a dedicated box. Next year (or when you think your family needs reminding) get out the thankful box and read your responses. This will for sure bring joy and laughter into your homes and really help you slow down and appreciate others around you.


Pat Ohmberger Named Vice Chair of the 2021 RPAC Committee

Lincoln Area REALTOR® Named Vice Chair of National REALTORS® Political Action Committee
Pat Ohmberger - HOME Real EstatePatricia L Ohmberger, an Associate Broker/REALTOR® with HOME Real Estate in Lincoln, was named vice chair of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2021 RPAC Committee. More than 100 committees determine NAR’s policy decisions and annual direction, providing a transparent and highly efficient avenue through which America’s 1.4 million REALTORS®—agents  and brokers—are able to shape and influence the nation’s largest trade association.
“I’m incredibly proud to recognize Patricia ‘Pat’ Ohmberger who has earned the honor, and responsibility of chairing NAR’s 2021 RPAC Committee,” said NAR’s 2021 President Charlie Oppler. “Selected from a number of highly qualified candidates, Pat will serve a critical role that ensures NAR accurately reflects the will of America’s 1.4 million REALTORS®. As we strive to serve our clients, the dedication and commitment of people like Pat allows this association to continue fighting so effectively for homeowners, homebuyers, and private-property rights in every corner of this country.”
Selected based on criteria weighing industry experience and professional success, Pat was confirmed by incoming Oppler and NAR First Vice President Leslie Rouda Smith as the RPAC’s Committee’s next vice chair. Pat’s involvement on the national level for over two decades with various REALTOR® Party committees and her relationships with the elected officials qualified her for this appointment.
Ohmberger revealed, “Over the past 28 years,  I have dedicated myself to the protection of private property rights.”  Patricia L Ohmberger  is a member of the RPAC Hall of Fame at the both the Nebraska RPAC and the National Association of REALTORS®.  For more information, contact Pat at (402) 432-2822 / or visit


#HOMEHacks | 5 Ways To Improve Your Home Office

Suddenly working from home? Easy ways to improve your office

5 Home Office Tips
Before any of us ever heard the word “coronavirus,” your home office may have been an oft-neglected corner of the house that seems to collect paperwork and dust. Then, almost overnight, our homes became our office places—and those dusty desks needed to shape up.
With remote work likely to be more commonplace even after this crisis passes, it’s a good opportunity to give your home office space a mini makeover to improve functionality and inspire quality work. Here are a few simple ways to get started…

Don’t neglect the mess

Working in a cluttered area isn’t only faux pas for video calls, but can also be subconsciously distracting when you are trying to get into the zone for work. If you don’t have a dedicated home office space and are resorting to working in the living room or at the kitchen table, start by taking 10 minutes each morning to clean up before honing in on your work.

Let the light shine in

Always wanted a corner office with a view? Now is your chance! Consider rearranging your desk to take in more natural light through a window or—if not possible—invest in a good lamp.

Make yourself comfortable

Sitting in an uncomfortable dining chair for eight hours of the day doesn’t exactly lend itself to you doing your best, most focused work. Although it may not be possible to test out different office chairs right now, online reviews can help you make an educated guess on a chair that will work for you.

Add something eye-catching

Experts recommend taking regular breaks from staring at your computer to focus on something else with your eyes. How about supporting a local artist by purchasing a new piece? Or finally printing off some family pictures? Add in some faux greenery, a new rug and some fresh office supplies for an instant decor upgrade.

Keep the essential supplies close by

If you’ve made it this far as a one-stapler family, it might be time to invest in another unless you want to keep tracking it down each time you need to staple some papers. The same goes for a good printer, highlighters, permanent markers, your favorite pens and so on. The less time you spend looking for these supplies when you need them, the sooner you can log off for the day!


#HOMEHacks | 5 Tips to Tackle Toy Organization

Stepping on toys?

How to tackle toy organization once and for all

5 Tips to Tackle Toy Organization
In ordinary times, our homes may feel like comfortable retreats from the outside world. But with outside entertainment and event options currently limited, “home” is now where we play, too. Combined with school closures, that can mean a lot of family time at home.
If that makes you feel like everyone in the family is constantly bumping into each other or tripping over toys, this could be the sign you need to declutter and organize your children’s seemingly multiplying number of toys.

Make decluttering a family event:

For the most part, children’s toys and clothes have short lifespans. You might be surprised to realize how much you are holding onto that is past its “expiration date” for working for your kids. Enlist everyone in the family to go through their closets to see what doesn’t fit and challenge your kids to collect toys they would be willing to donate. This is a perfect teachable moment! (Check with your preferred donation center to see how they are handling contributions right now.)

Make new purchases with longevity in mind:

You can instantly eliminate the tendency to impulse purchase toys when you ask yourself “how much space will this take up?” and “how much use will it actually get?” If you feel the object is still worthy of purchasing, also aim to buy something durable.

Rotate toys available for play:

Decluttering doesn’t have to mean getting rid of everything not in constant use. Instead, you can store away some toys that have lost your kids’ interest and then create a cycle where you swap them out so that what’s available for playing with always feels fresh, exciting and (best of all) holds your children’s focus.

Establish ground rules:

By getting clear about boundaries for where toys are and are not permitted — and then consistently enforcing those rules — your kids will quickly adapt. (Hey, it’s worth a shot!) A good place to start is by making it clear that all toys need to be put away at the end of the day. Then, turn on a song and encourage everyone to pitch in!

Make organization accessible to all:

To give your kids their best chance at putting toys away, you need to make sure they know where everything belongs and can actually access the storage. This will vary based on your kids’ ages — for example, little ones can probably get the hang of a catch-all storage bin while bigger kids can put items into more organized, dedicated containers.


3 New Lincoln Restaurants to Try in 2019

A fresh start and a clean slate are great reasons to try out new eateries around Lincoln. There are a lot of new businesses opening up. These are three restaurants we’re excited to have join the city in 2019. If your busy schedule doesn’t let you make your own meals, grab a bite at of these new locations.

Bagels and Joe

An assortment of bagels with cream cheese

Bagels and Joe joins our sister site at their brand-new office building for HomeServices Nebraska. With a full menu for breakfast and lunch, there’s something tasty to get you through the day. Bagels aren’t just their specialty, either. They have an extensive selection from their patisserie, from croissants to muffins and cookies. In a rush? No worries, they have a drive-thru at 7811 Pioneer Street and open at 6 AM.

Fresh Healthy Café

A fruit power bowl

Keep your New Years Resolution by making healthier choices when you eat at . On their website, they tout their fresh ingredients and wholesome foods. Their menu features a wide variety of nutritious dishes like power and protein bowls, interesting twists on classic salads, and super smoothies. Check out the Lincoln location on 144 North 13th Street.

Agave Mexican Grill

Authentic street tacos

After a fire destroyed the well-loved La Mexicana, owner Abram Morales decided to replace the community favorite with a new restaurant. His new restaurant will be called Agave Mexican Grill and will open in the old location of La Mexicana. The restaurant will be in a multi-use building and will have another restaurant join it in the space at a later date. You can find the Agave Mexican Grill at 1635 P Street.


Color of the Year | Living Coral

Pantone Color of the Year | Living Coral

Pantone declares a color of the year each year. Last year’s hue was Ultra Violet, but this year they’ve chosen something “vibrant yet mellow” — Living Coral. They chose the shade by using experts to research the color influences around the world. “Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression,” says Pantone about their color choice. Optimism and joyful pursuits are two things that go hand in hand with the kick off of a new year.
What can you do with this new color light-hearted orange with golden undertones? Work it into your décor in exciting ways. An accent pillow or a new corner chair is a good starting point. If you’re ready for something a little bolder, an accent wall in this invigorating shade is another approach. Could you imagine coming home after a long day at the office and propping your feet up on a Living Coral-toned crocheted pouf? After that and a glass of wine, you’d be the embodiment of mellow. Try it out and see what you think. It’s a refreshing way to get a little bit of the beach in the Midwest.
See the previous two Colors of the Year by Pantone:


Local Area Events: August 2018

Things to do in Lincoln

Lincoln Area Events for August 2018
This month in Lincoln we have the start of Husker volleyball, a continuation of many music performances and shows of theater and art!
Catch events like The Railyard’s Decades Tour, Lincoln Community Foundation Garden Performance Series, Saltdogs baseball, the Tower Jazz series, and the Froggy98 Free Music Series!
We’d like to especially remind you of TedXYouth@Lincoln where you can come hear from some of the brightest young minds in Lincoln!
Get more information on these events and the much, much more going on here!

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Things to Do in Lincoln: March 2018

Things to do in Lincoln

March 1st

NSAA Girls State Basketball

Railyard Ice Rink Skating

Sk8 at The Royal Grove

The Lion King Experience, JR

March 2nd

In The Fade

Lincoln Children’s Museum First Friday Family Night

Lincoln Stars vs. Waterloo

Mary Poppins Jr. presented by YAAL

Wicked Fun

March 3

Lincoln Stars vs. Cedar Rapids

UNL Softball vs. Wichita State

March 4

Rocky Maninelli Car Swap Meet

UNL Softball vs. Wichita State

UNL Women’s Gymnastics Masters Classic

March 5

Capital Jazz Society Jazz Series presents First Monday Jazz Jam

March 6


March 8

Hairspray JR.

Nebraska Baseball vs Cal Poly

NSAA Boys State Basketball

Sesostris Shrine Circus

March 9

Nebraska Baseball vs Cal Poly

NSAA Boys State Basketball

March 10

Lincoln Stars vs. Omaha

Nebraska Baseball vs Cal Poly

Super Hero Day

March 12

Camp Sonshine Spring Break Camps

March 13

Nebraska Baseball vs Northern Colorado

March 14

Nebraska Baseball vs Northern Colorado

UNL Softball vs. South Dakota State

March 15

Lincoln Stars vs. Des Moines

Museum Highlights Tour

March 16

Husker Lawn and Leisure Show

Nebraska Baseball vs Northwestern State

March 17

Nebraska Baseball vs Northwestern State

March 18

Nebraska Baseball vs Northwestern State

March 20

Let It Be

UNL Softball vs. Creighton

March 22

Angel’s Theatre Company: Losing the Ring in the River

Cornhusker Classic Tractor Pull

March 23

Amazing Grace

Lincoln Stars vs. Youngstown

Nebraska Baseball vs Minnesota

UNL Softball vs. Michigan State

March 24

Lincoln Stars vs. Youngstown


Nebraska Baseball vs Minnesota

UNL Men’s Gymnastics vs. Minnesota & Iowa

UNL Softball vs. Michigan State

March 25

Nebraska Baseball vs Minnesota

UNL Softball vs. Michigan State

March 27

Capital One in Partnership with Cabela’s—Lincoln Career Open House

Olga Kern, Piano

UNL Softball vs. South Dakota

March 29

2018 Lincoln’s Choice Awards Night Out!

Eli Young Band

March 31

Wild Adventures

Upcoming April Event: Family Skate Night