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The Home Designs Buyers Want

Despite rising lumber costs and the scarcity of lots in some parts of the city, new construction is booming in Lincoln and across the country. After spending the past year mostly confined to our homes, more people are looking to upgrade with a new build or update their current homes to reflect their changing lifestyle.
Every few years new design trends emerge that are influenced by popular culture. While some of these trends were around before Covid-19, the pandemic has also shaped many of the current home features buyers desire. Here’s a look at current home design trends and many features buyers want.


Gray was the color of choice for interior walls a few years ago, but it is less popular now. Bright white spaces with large windows for plenty of natural light are the new go-to, giving homeowners a blank canvas to accent in countless ways. Adding warmer tones with wooden furniture and natural textures, like wicker and jute are also gaining popularity. And while white offers a calming and clean appeal, those wanting a pop of color are turning to darker colors like charcoal, navy and dark green on kitchen cabinetry or islands.


High ceilings top the list of must haves for new construction. After all, a white room dripping in rays of sunlight feels even bigger with a tall ceiling. While nine-foot high ceilings are now the industry standard for new construction, some homeowners are drawn to the grandeur of even higher ceilings at 10 and 12 feet high. You’re likely to see many high-ceiling variations in new construction, including vaulted, barrel-vaulted and tray ceilings.


Over the past year, we’ve all had to get creative with our homes — turning dining rooms into offices, bedrooms into study corners and living rooms into zoom conference hubs. Home buyers today are looking for the same kind of versatility in new construction, with functional storage options like a mudroom or laundry room with benches and hooks and quiet private spaces that can serve as offices or video call rooms.


Primary bathroom designs are moving away from traditional jacuzzi tubs against the wall and focusing instead on large walk-in showers. Deep, stand alone soaker tubs and statement light fixtures are also gaining popularity and can add streaks of elegance with a spa-like feel.


Exterior paint color trends mimic the current interior ones — light colors with dark accents. Think white tones with dark gray or slate blue shutters with wooden and brick accents.
Home design trends come and go, but as more people look to adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic, we’re likely to see these trends in new construction continue for years to come.

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