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#HOMEHacks | Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Summer time often means family vacations, backyard barbecues and more time in the great outdoors. Additionally, as more people get vaccinated against Covid-19, this summer also marks a time for neighbors, friends and family to come back together after spending so much time apart. If you’re feeling the itch to start hosting again and want to show off your patio or deck, here are five tips for creating a functional and inviting outdoor space.

keep it cool

With more daylight hours during the summer months, spending evenings outside watching the sun set can be a great way to wind down at the end of the day. But, scorching heat, even as the sun goes down, can make you run inside to the air conditioning. One of the best ways to keep your outdoor living space cool is to create shade and airflow. This can be done by adding an overhead cover or fan. As this isn’t an option for everyone, another way to help regulate the temperature of your outdoor space is installing a patio mister.

Choose functional decor

A sturdy, weather-resistant outdoor rug can not only add some flair to your space, but it can also help protect bare feet from hot surfaces. Another way to add some color while beating the heat is to paint your concrete patio a light color so it absorbs less of the sun’s rays.

add plants and flowers

Greenery can help liven up a space and make it more inviting. Add some variety with different types of planters, ranging from large pots and hanging baskets to smaller planters you can set on a table.

Light it up

Nothing adds ambiance to an outdoor space quite like string lights or flickering candles. Hang bistro lights along your deck and add rail or post lights for an evening glow. If you put your lights on a timer, you don’t have to worry about turning them off.

create places to gather

Outdoor seating is of course a must if you want people to come and stay a while. Add more relaxing elements with colorful throw pillows and an ottoman for people to rest their feet.
A patio, deck or porch offers a great way to relax during the warmer months. With a few simple touches, you can make your outdoor space the perfect summer retreat.