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#HOMEHacks | 7 Creative Ways To Decorate Pumpkins

7 Creative Pumpkin DecorationsSkip The Carving

Love pumpkin patches and decorating your porch for Halloween, but loathe the messy, gory process of carving gourds? Carefully toss that carving knife to the side and test a new pumpkin-decorating technique this year.

1. Paint it teal to signify allergy-friendly treats:

For kids with food allergies, Halloween can be especially tricky—so consider offering some non-food treats, such as stickers, temporary tattoos or other Halloween-themed trinkets. Then signify there is something for every trick-or-treater by adding a pumpkin painted teal to your front porch.

2. Stencil a boo-tiful pattern:

If you’re more comfortable with a paint brush than a carving knife, a stencil may be just the way to go! You can pick a spooky theme or go with something autumnal that can continue to adorn your porch until Thanksgiving. (Another perk of not carving? Your pumpkins will last much longer!)

3. Mummify it:

Raid your first-aid kit for some gauze, grab some oversized googly eyes and give your pumpkin the King Tut treatment. Just wrap it up with the gauze, use hot glue to apply the eyes and ta-da!

4. Add some creepy-crawly touches:

Give trick-or-treaters a scare by wrapping chunky white yarn around your pumpkins to mimic a spider web and then use hot glue to apply spiders of the plastic variety.

5. Stack up a spooky witch:

If you have more pumpkins than you know what to do with, stack three in a snowman style with a stake down the middle for support. Then tie a black trash bag below the top pumpkin, add a witch’s hat and make a face with googly eyes and a small, warty gourd pinned on as the nose. Bonus points for painting the “face” green!

6. Light ‘em up:

Break out those Christmas lights a little early, wrap them around pumpkins and line the walkway to your door. It’s simple, but also on-theme and practical!

7. Say it with a decal:

Local craft stores have caught onto the no-carving trend and now offer an array of pumpkin-sized decals with fun Halloween designs or sayings. If you’re against taking “the easy way,” you can create your own decals with sticky vinyl cut into a design of your choice.

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5 Tips for Managing Time When You Have Multiple Listings

Content Provided by American Home Shield

Five Tips For Managing Time When You Have Multiple Listings

So, your business development and relationship building efforts have paid off, and you’ve landed several property listings at once. First, congratulate yourself on earning the trust and confidence of the sellers. Second, look for ways to get organized because your days are about to get even busier. Here are some tips that may help.

Writing in a planner to help with time management

1. Be intentional about each day.

Now isn’t the time to simply wake up and see what the days throw at you. Have a list of top priorities for each workday and set those tasks in motion first thing in the morning, before new distractions crop up. Have a schedule in place with time increments blocked out for handling related tasks such as administrative work, contacting clients, sending and answering emails, returning voicemails, and handling marketing responsibilities for your listings. Handling similar activities together can help you leverage time savings by avoiding duplicated efforts.

2. Consolidate listing activities as much as you can.

For example, replenish flyers and brochures for your listings all at once and update information for comparables and market analysis tasks frequently so that you have that information easily at hand when you need it. If possible, organize listing photos and showings in groups to minimize driving back and forth between properties.

3. Use technology wisely.

Set notifications to remind you of appointments and deadlines, and employ smartphone apps that can help you stay on track with schedules. Assign distinctive ringtones for clients so that you can distinguish their calls for quick responses. Avoid wasting time on social media and the internet during business hours.

4. Be flexible.

While it’s important to schedule your day for maximum productivity, it’s also important to leave room for showing requests, client questions, and unexpected issues that can pop up during the day. Leave a little wiggle room in your calendar so that you can be adaptable when needed. If your day gets interrupted, taking a few minutes to reprioritize will help you stay focused.

5. Learn to prioritize time.

You may need to map out traveling to listings ahead of time, especially if they’re same day appointments. Being proactive in knowing the most efficient routes could help you get the most out of your valuable time.

6. Ask for help.

Establish relationships with reliable network professionals with experience in serving real estate professionals and their clients. Having a network already in place can save you effort and worry when you need assistance quickly. For example, adding American Home Shield® Home Service Plans with the Seller Coverage Option* to your listings can help save time for you and for your sellers. That’s because for up to six months, until the coverage transfers to the buyers, sellers enjoy all the advantages of AHS® ShieldEssentialSM package protection while the home is on the market. ShieldEssential includes coverage for major components of the most crucial home systems that are the most expensive to repair or replace, including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and more. If breakdowns occur for these covered items, your sellers can call AHS directly instead of going through you. Having a resource such as AHS can help also reduce seller anxiety about canceled showing appointments and covered repair or replacement expenses for home systems that they are leaving when they move. Contact your AHS Account Executive for more information about the Seller Coverage Option today.
*Subject to a $2,000 cap for all trades during the listing period.