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#HOMEHacks | 10 Tips for Creating a Backyard Oasis

10 Backyard Oasis Tips
Who says you have to go far from home to tap into vacation mode? Whether you dream of creating an entertainment center that will be the talk of the neighborhood or you would prefer to build a resort-like private destination, a few DIY suggestions will put you on the fast-track to your very own backyard oasis. Better yet, by shopping for outdoor furniture as summer winds down, you can save money and get to enjoy the comfortable fall months in style.

Set a goal:

Are you the host with the most? Plenty of seating and a fire pit are must-haves. Or do you want a secluded retreat? Plan for privacy with tall shrubs or screens. Either way, by setting an intention for your outdoor space before launching into design mode, you can skip the elements that won’t really serve you.

Save where you can:

The end of summer is peak season for outdoor furnishing clearance sales—not to mention those garage sales your neighbors are finally getting around to hosting. Also keep an eye out for perennial flowers that you can plant now and enjoy for years to come.

Splurge where you should:

Going back to those intentions you set for your space, consider whether you want a big portion of your budget to go toward a lounge set or if you want your own hot tub.

Include some greenery:

Both beautiful and practical for privacy or bug-repellent purposes, incorporating flower beds and bushes into your backyard space helps to set a zen mood.

Make sure there is seating to share:

Consider whether you want a big table for BBQ dinners or a comfortable outdoor couch for happy hour. And, when in doubt, store away folding chairs for extra company.

Create a space in the shade:

If you want to use your outdoor space for any extended period of time during the hottest days of summer, make sure there is a shaded space to cool off.

Add some DIY touches:

Depending on your skills and interests, put your personal touch on the outdoor space with a creatively landscaped water feature or some yard art.

Include outdoor speakers:

Remaining considerate of your neighbors, of course, think about investing in an outdoor stereo system—even if you just plan to quietly rock some classical music.

Ensure evening lighting:

Although they definitely make a statement, don’t rely on tiki torches to illuminate your space at night. Instead, look into string or overhead lights that will give your oasis a soft glow.

Have a bug-defense plan:

Few things interrupt relaxation like the need to swat away mosquitoes. Try to include some citronella plants into your garden and keep bug-repellent candles around.