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#HOMEHacks | Home Trends: Spring 2019

A modern updated kitchenWhether you are just settling into your new home this year, looking to make a good impression on buyers before listing it for sale or have been a longtime resident who is ready for some updates, there are some exciting new trends making waves this year.
No matter if you are coming or going, there is something special about putting your mark on a home—and it’s even better if you can feel confident it will result in a good return on investment. With that in mind, here are some trends to guide your home decisions this spring and summer:
1. Seek inspiration from the farm: Can you really call it a trend if it has this much lasting power? Long before Chip and Joanna Gaines earned fame with Fixer Upper, the farmhouse style has been in with decorators and homeowners alike—and you need not have a rural property to take advantage. Opting for white cabinets, rustic light fixtures and even farmhouse-style sinks can add some serious value to your home, according to market experts.
2. Tasteful touches of wallpaper: For too long, wallpaper had a bad reputation. (Although anyone who has been tasked with stripping a room of wallpaper can attest, this is for a valid reason.) But, anymore, options for trendy peel-and-stick wallpaper make it almost too simple to update your walls—and then strip them down if you’ve changed your mind.
3. Think of curb appeal: According to trends with remodeling projects’ return on investment, turning your attention outside your home makes good sense. For example, many people can come close to recouping the cost to add a new garage door, updated siding or a remodeled deck with their increased resale value.
4. Replace hardware: After years and years of brushed nickel dominating cabinet doors, people are paying renewed attention to brass options. Not only does this stand out more against the popular white cabinets, but it also adds a bit of personality on a budget that most homeowners can get behind.