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5 reasons to use a professional real estate agent to sell your home

Today’s hot real estate market may leave some home sellers thinking they can sell a home on their own. After all, you see for sale signs change to sold­—sometimes in the same day—throughout your neighborhood. How hard can it be?
In today’s complex regulatory environment, the hardest part of selling a home isn’t finding the buyer. It’s keeping the transaction moving forward through closing.
Here are the top five reasons, not only to use a real estate agent, but to use a professional real estate agent to sell your home.

1. A true professional will be honest.

The first lie some agents tell a seller is about the price. Many agents “buy” listings, by agreeing to set the price too high, and then losing valuable market time and reducing the price down the road. Others set the price too low to get a quick sale with minimum work. An experienced professional will have done his/her research and will have documentation for the market value of your home.
The second place you want your agent to be honest is regarding the condition of your home. Some agents will tell you what you want to hear, that your home will sell as is. A professional will tell you whether or not you need to clean, declutter, paint, or more, so that you can maximize sales price and minimize market time. Choose a professional who will give it to you straight.

2. A professional will have support.

Most real estate agents are independent contractors. But there’s a big difference between the ones who fly solo and the ones with a team of other agents and support staff backing them up. Does the agent work with an in-house lender and closer and other services to make the transaction flow more smoothly? Does the agent have support staff to make sure the “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed and that your listing information is accurate and thorough, or do they do it themselves? Do they have other experienced agents and a full-time broker to answer any questions they have? What if something goes wrong? Is there legal support? Choose someone who has backup.

3. A professional will value ongoing learning.

All REALTORS® are required to take a certain number of hours of continuing education, but the ones who take their careers the most seriously will be knowledgeable about the latest information affecting home owners and the housing industry, not to mention being up-to-date with technology and the local market.

4. A true professional is accessible.

The best real estate agents are busy, but they shouldn’t be too busy to respond to you in a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t return your calls in a timely manner, they could be difficult for the buyer’s agent to reach, and could ultimately delay closing or cost you the sale.

5. A professional knows his/her value.

True professional real estate agents—who make real estate their careers—work hard for the fees they charge and show their value in minimized hassle and maximized profit for their clients, who only pay when the transaction is successfully closed. How many other professions are like that? Choose wisely, and call a professional.
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Melissa Nielsen
Melissa Nielsen

Melissa Nielsen joins the North office. She grew up in Fremont, Nebraska. She graduated from the University of Nebraska Kearney where she earned a Management in Parks Recreation and Tourism degree and a minor in Health Science. Her hobbies include golf, volleyball and water sports. Melissa can be reached at 402-719-1670 or

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