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Dylan Whitney
Dylan Whitney

Dylan Whitney joins the Pine Lake office. He grew up in a small town in Iowa and moved to Lincoln about one year ago.  He is happily married to Heather and they have two Golden Retrievers named Bailey and Maverick.  His hobbies include golf, cycling and attending sporting events. Dylan can be reached at 402-419-9922 or

Sales Associates

Luxford and Waldbaum named Shining Stars for July

Susie Luxford, CEO Gene Brake and Carla Waldbaum
Susie Luxford, CEO Gene Brake and Carla Waldbaum

Carla Waldbaum and Susie Luxford of the HOME Real Estate North Office are the Shining Star recipients for the month of July.

The Shining Star award is a monthly award to recognize an employee, sales associate or sales manager who has exceeded expectations in some area of his or her work.
Their nominator said, “Carla and Susie put in numerous hours on David Bayne’s fundraiser.  These two outstanding individuals went to the community for support of our dear realtor in need!  The fundraiser had a great turnout, great food and great prizes!  Carla and Susie demonstrated star quality by taking care of a realtor in need.  Please choose these two awesome women for the shining star!”
Shining Stars are HomeServices of Nebraska associates, including managers, employees and agents, who help make our company a better place for our customers, clients and for each other. Nominees must exemplify the following:

  1. The person went out of their way to exceed the HomeServices of Nebraska Standards and best practices.
  2. The gesture or service was above and beyond normal job requirements or expectations.
  3. The employee, manager or agent went beyond the call of duty to ensure the needs of a customer, fellow employee or agent.

Anyone is invited to nominate employees, agents or managers who have displayed The Shining Star Spirit. For someone to be recognized, a Shining Star Nomination Form must be submitted by the 15th of every month. *A participant is eligible to win one (1) time per year.
Shining Star Values
Positive Attitude – A positive attitude is focusing on what is useful, beneficial and worthwhile in each and every situation. Your attitude is displayed through your words, actions and facial expressions with your customers and those around you.
Accountable – Accountable is being responsible for your actions and behaviors as they impact customers and those around you.
Responsive – Being responsive is being open to the situation as it occurs and responding in a sensitive manner to meet needs and expectations.
Teamwork – Teamwork is helping each other win and taking pride in each other’s victories. No one person or department alone can provide for the comprehensive needs of our customers. We achieve our goals when working together as a team.
No Excuses – A culture of no excuses acknowledges when mistakes or perceived shortcomings are made and seeks to correct or make right rather than rationalize or justify the problem.
Exemplary – To serve as a model or example of positive action; strive for high performance standards and deliver results. Demonstrate technical competence. Set high standards for self, demonstrating integrity and superior customer service skills.
Responsibility – Responsibility is acting with initiative and understanding that our organization and our customers are depending on us.
Service – Service is everything we do to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers at all times.
Safety – Demonstrate the importance of safety and how it may influence our daily lives.

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Describe HOME Real Estate in a word

When asked to describe HOME Real Estate in a word or short phrase, here’s what our agents and employees had to say:

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June by the numbers

Here are the June numbers from all HOME Real Estate offices including Lincoln, Seward and Milford:

  • $45,659,947 Total Volume Sold (Up 19% from May 2011)
  • 284 Total Sides Sold (Up 8% over May 2011)
  • 325 Sides Placed Under Contract up 15% from May 2011)
  • 441,990 Page Views on
  • 51,231 User Sessions on
  • 62 New Saved Searches on
  • 905 New Saved Properties on
  • 184 New Customers/Clients on
  • 1,024 Daily Active Users on
  • 134 Text Inquiries to HOME4U at 59559
  • 2,742 Guided Tour Views at
  • 2,188 Views at

View our monthly Market Snapshot here.