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Selling a Home

There’s no place like

HOME Real Estate has all the tools you need to search for homes online. And now registration gives you access to all listings in the Lincoln/Seward MLS—there’s no need to search anywhere else!
There are many benefits available to registered users including:
• All listings in the Lincoln/Seward MLS* on your computer or smart phone, using HOME Real Estate’s easy-to-use features
• Saved searches and properties for e-mail updates
• Work with an Agent feature to view recommendations from your HOME agent
Click on “Log In | Create Account” at the top of the page to get started. Fill in the information, then check your e-mail for the instructions to complete the registration.
If you've already registered on our site, simply log in, then click the link on your dashboard to resend the Virtual Office Membership e-mail confirmation. Check your e-mail for the instructions to complete the registration.

Don’t want to register?
No problem. You can still access the most listings in the Lincoln and Seward area, right here without logging in. And your HOME agent can provide you with information on any listed home for sale.