Selling a Home


It's Show Time!

When the marketing plan is put in place, the activity on your property will begin.  Your listing broker and other selling brokers will be bringing prospective buyers to see your home.  Realtors will make an appointment with you the home seller, and will give you as much advance notice as possible.  That will give you time to tidy up, light dark areas, hang fresh towels and freshen up the air.  Make sure your home passes the scent test, light candles, clean kitchens and bath areas, clean fresh smelling carpet are highly recommended.  Strong odors can send a buyer running out the door! 

Make every effort to accept all appointments-you never know when your buyer will walk through the front door.  Be sure to have brochure information and seller disclosure forms available and visable.  Call your agent when you are running low so a fresh supply can be provided.