Shopping For Your Home
Selling a Home


Searching for that place you call home is one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime.  

What to Look For...

Choosing a place to live can be one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime.  We’ve learned through the thousands of home buyers we have assisted that the best approach is to be prepared.  Do your homework, ask yourself some questions about what you like in your present home and what you don’t care for.

The search can begin in your present home so we have developed some questions to stimulate your thought process and help you identify your needs and preferences.  Once you’ve clarified what you like, you will have a better idea of what you want to find.  Plus, you will be able to express your preferences clearly to your HOME Real Estate Associate who can help you find it.

  • What style of home do you like- two story, ranch, multi-level or something else?
  • What size of home do you need-number of bedrooms, baths?
  • What amenities are important to you-garage, gourmet kitchen, fireplace, placement of master bedroom, formal dining or other features?
  • What natural features outside the home are significant to you-close to schools, shopping, trails, library, water, commons area?

The time to think about selling your home is when you’re buying it.  What appeals to you as a buyer today will probably also appeal to buyers in the future.  A careful house hunter will benefit years from now when it’s time to sell to an equally value-conscious buyer.  Build your knowledge now, it will benefit you greatly in the future.  HOME Real Estate has a solid foundation of resources to assist you in finding your dream home.  Our knowledge about the home buying process will save you valuable time, thereby making the home-buying experience as pleasant and worry-free as possible.  Call a HOME Real Estate professional today!